What Do You Put On A Memorial Bracelet?

Inexpensive, durable, and customizable, silicone wristbands are often a popular token, especially when you can order bulk wristbands or orders as small as one band.

The Top Ideas For Silicone Memorial Wristbands

There are a couple of factors to consider when designing or customizing a memorial bracelet.

What Should I Engrave On Memorial Bracelets?

People often ask questions about silicone awareness bracelets — how much are you willing to or wanting to share?

If you don’t want to talk about it, a less vibrant color and design might be better suited to your purpose.

Finally, the memorial bracelet should serve as a reminder of the cause and/or person and honor them.

Use words, phrases, colors, or artwork that represent them.

Examples of things people have put on Reminderband memorial bracelets in the past include:

  • A memorial or religious wristband phrase
  • The name of the person who passed, or a special nickname
  • R.I.P.
  • "Forever in our hearts" with clipart on either side
  • "Gone but not forgotten" with a name on the other side
  • "In loving memory" with a name or message on the other half
  • A saying or signature from the person who passed
  • A hashtag or URL for more information on a fundraiser
  • Dates of birth or passing
  • Symbols or artwork to represent a cause or a person who passed away
  • "Fly high, angel"

What Are Memorial Bracelets Used For?

  • Gifts for those attending a funeral
  • Community vigils
  • Family memorial services
  • Reminders or tributes
  • To wear as a way for the community to rally around a cause
  • To wear as an individual and personal reminder
  • Celebration of life
  • A foundation represented by the person who passed
  • Cancer awareness or other life-threatening diseases
  • Wakes
  • In honor of veterans and those lost in the armed forces

memorial bracelets are a way to honor loved and lost ones for years to come.

Silicone memorial bracelet with engraving

What Do Black Wristbands Mean?

Black wristbands are often used to represent many causes such as melanoma but are by far the most common color to use for a memorial wristband. You can learn more about wristband color meanings to find out which color would be best suited to your memorial wristband design. Many individuals design a memorial wristband with a specific color that has personal meaning for the family and friends of the deceased, and there are plenty of color possibilities offered to ensure just the right options are available for each unique circumstance.

What Wrist Should You Wear a Memorial Wristband On?

It's down to personal preference whether you wear a memorial bracelet on your left wrist or your right wrist. Most people just do what's most comfortable for them.

Can Anyone Wear A Memorial Wristband?

While it's most common to wear a memorial wristband in honor of someone you personally knew, many individuals and groups will wear a memorial wristband to honor the family of a fallen member of the military, officer, or member of the community.

This is a popular way for neighborhoods and communities to show solidarity and stand with the family of those who were lost. It's also done as a way to honor POW and MIA soldiers as a show of respect.

Are Memorial Wristbands Just For Fallen Military Members?

Wearing a black rubber wristband in remembrance of a fallen military member is certainly one of the most often-used reasons for memorial bracelets, especially with regard to prisoners of war and missing in action situations.

However, the uses for memorial wristbands are not strictly limited to military and police officers. Over the years, people from all over the world have taken to designing a custom rubber bracelet as a way to very personally memorialize and pay tribute to someone close o them who passed on. Oftentimes, this passing can represent a large cause or movement that is used to raise more education and awareness about a tragedy or dangerous illness.

These movements can be very inspiring when coordinated well, but at the very least, a powerful phrase on a memorial wristband can serve as a heart-warming daily remembrance of someone who has died.

How To Put A Signature And Custom Artwork On A Wristband

One of the most common uses for a Reminderband is to memorialize someone who has passed.

There are quite a few design options from which to choose. Memorial wristbands can be customized with numerous band colors, font styles, text layout options, and more.

Thinking of adding that extra special something to your wristband design?

Reminderband offers a massive assortment of free clipart right on our website.

Some of the most popular clipart options for memorial wristbands are:

  • Hearts
  • Christian Cross
  • Angel wings
  • Basketball, football, and baseball
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and other military emblems
  • Animal clipart
  • Nature clipart
  • Awareness ribbons
  • Stars
  • Paw prints
  • Fishing clipart
  • Hunting clipart
  • Religious or Faith clipart

Did you know that we also have the option of imprinting your own artwork or logo right on your custom silicone wristbands?

Black silicone bracelet with artwork and color-fill

Some folks find that it adds just the right amount of class to upload a signature of their loved one for the band to be a more personal memento to family and friends.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Take a clear picture of the signature you’d like to use. It works best on white paper, with a head-on angle that’s well-lit.

You may want to make it bolder and more visible by tracing over it.

Once you get to the second design step, just click to add artwork. You’ll notice there’s an option to upload your own image.

Simply attach the picture of that signature and proceed to finish placing your order–we’ll take care of the rest!

Memorial wristband engraved with a signature

Can I design my own Memorial Wristbands?

Yes! Thankfully, silicone memorial wristbands are easier than ever to create online and can be shipped right to you in time for almost any event.

With so many options, coming up with a design that works for everyone is sometimes a challenge. Our team has extensive experience in helping folks design the perfect memorial wristband for funerals, wakes, a celebration of life, tribute, or for families and individuals to wear as a classy remembrance wristband. If you have a special request you don't see on our band builder, we're more than happy to offer our assistance to get you a silicone memorial bracelet you can wear with pride.

As always, if you have questions about any aspect of the design process, our band specialists are available to help!



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