Fundraising Bracelets

Are you searching for a great fundraising idea?  Reminderband Fundraiser Bracelets are inexpensive, quick to order, and easy to design with our fun wristband builder.  You will get high quality custom silicone wristbands that people love for a price that gives you room for 100%+ profit.


Spend $200 for 200 fundraising wristbands. Sell those 200 wristbands for $5 each for a total of $1,000. Your net profit is $800! That's a great return on your investment. Most people can afford the $5--particularly if it is a good cause.

*For more accurate pricing, use our Fundraising Calculator below.

Fundraising with wristbands

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Reminderband offers two tools to help you with your fundraiser wristbands:
  1. Fundraising Calculator.  Use our Fundraising Calculator to see how many wrist bands you need to buy to reach your goal.  Experiment with the sales price.  The calculator uses our most popular Classic wristband to come up with estimates.
  2. Wristband Builder.  Our builder lets you customize your text, artwork, or even allows you to upload your own art or logo.  You can also change colors, sizes and band types to make the perfect wristband. Don’t see the design you want? You can still customize it to your liking. We can also help with ideas or any other questions. Just email or call our friendly team of band specialists. 1-800-922-5401

Join thousands of others who have sold Reminderband’s colorful fundraising bracelets to raise money for their school, charity, club, mission, church, team, or cause. People in your community will love the personalized, unique wristband and will pay double or triple your cost to get something meaningful that shows their support.

Fundraising Calculator

How much money do you need to raise?


You will need to sell about {{ data.qty }} wristbands at

Assumptions and Calculations:

Pricing is based on our most popular wristband (The Classic) and does not include shipping nor add-ons (such as second side fee or color fill).

Your Cost: {{ data.costPerBand | currency }} cost per band * {{ data.qty }} bracelets = {{ data.costPerBand * data.qty | currency }}

Your Revenue: {{ data.sellPrice | currency }} price per band * {{ data.qty }} bracelets = {{ data.sellPrice * data.qty | currency }}

Your Profit: {{ data.sellPrice * data.qty | currency }} - {{ data.costPerBand * data.qty | currency }} = {{ data.sellPrice * data.qty - data.costPerBand * data.qty | currency }}