Custom Cancer Awareness Bracelets

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Custom Cancer Awareness Bracelets
Custom Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Custom Cancer Awareness Bracelets

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Top Quality - Reminderband - Custom Rubber Wristbands and Bracelets
Customized in the USA - Reminderband - Custom Rubber Wristbands and Bracelets
100 Percent Silicone - Reminderband - Custom Rubber Wristbands and Bracelets
Durable - Reminderband - Custom Rubber Wristbands and Bracelets
Hypoallergenic - Reminderband - Custom Rubber Wristbands and Bracelets
Latex Free - Reminderband - Custom Rubber Wristbands and Bracelets
Waterproof - Reminderband - Custom Rubber Wristbands and Bracelets

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From companies with off-the-charts growth to local businesses, non-profits, sports teams and everybody in between trust and keep using Reminderband again and again.

Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers

Personalized Silicone Bracelets for Cancer Awareness

Custom Rubber Bracelets In Every Cancer Color Made To Order


Cancer Wristbands and Colors

Custom cancer wristbands in nearly every cancer awareness color. Our custom rubber wristbands are made from 100% silicone and will last for years.

Perfect for:

  • Cancer events
  • Supporting family, schools, communities
  • Cancer wristbands to stay positive
  • Motivational wristbands
  • Wristbands and Keychains to raise cancer awareness
  • Cancer wristbands to inspire others to support a cause

Personalized Cancer Bracelets with a Powerful Message

For The Cure - Cancer Ribbon Keychain

Our customers actually love us

because we take care of them, they take care of us and keep coming back.

The 100 breast cancer awareness bracelets I ordered for my wife's memorial service exceeded my expectations in quality and the order speed was exceptional to be ready for her service. Thank you!

I ordered four wrist bands back in Feb for some young men who were being confirmed on April 2. Each band would have the confirmation verse on one side and the date on the opposite. I felt it would be a nice reminder of a special day in each boy's life. I thought that I had placed the order far enough in advance on their confirmation day. Well, the bands did not arrive (or at least so I thought) and I contacted Reminderband. Customer service responded within a few hours and graciously agreed to provide me with replacement bands at no cost. The same day that the new bands arrived, I was embarrassed to find the original package which my wife had inadvertently put in a desk drawer. I contacted customer service to explain the situation and they were nice enough to tell me to accept the 'replacement' bands as their gift. The artwork was exactly as I expected and I could not have been more pleased with the entire purchase experience. This is a very trustworthy, reputable company and I'm sure that I will order from them again

It's official. People love our customer service almost as much as they love our wristbands. If you need help, we won't just point you in the right direction, we'll walk you there. Our wristband specialists are enthusiastic about helping you get your custom bracelets just right. We boast a talented team of reps who are ready to help with questions or to design a wristband just for you. Call 435-258-9833 and talk with a live rep in as few as 20 seconds.

Cancer Awareness Colors


Reminderband Wristband and Ribbon Colors for Cancer Awareness

  • Childhood Cancer - Gold
  • Bladder / Bone Cancer - Yellow
  • Kidney / Leukemia Cancer - Orange
  • Uterine Cancer - Peach
  • Breast Cancer - Pink
  • Esophageal / Stomach Cancer - Periwinkle
  • Testicular Cancer - Smoked Orchid
  • Lung Cancer - White
  • Skin Cancer - Black
  • Brain Cancer - Gunmetal Grey
  • Pancreatic Cancer - Purple
  • Thyroid / Colon Cancer - Royal Blue
  • Cervical / Ovarian Cancer - Teal
  • Prostate Cancer - Light Blue
  • Liver Cancer - Green
  • Lymph Nodes Cancer - Lime Green

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Cancer Bracelets Frequently Asked Questions

The per band price varies depending on the style, design, quantity, and desired delivery date for the wrist bands that you’re ordering. Please see the pricing page for the base price of each band style at different quantities.

Wrist bands with the "fast van" logo are eligible for rush production at an additional cost and can arrive in 2-3 business days. We deliver most other custom wrist bands in 2-3 weeks. You will be shown an estimated delivery date before you place your order.

Our custom wristbands come in two main sizes: medium and large. Some styles, like our Classic Colorfill, are also available in size small or x-large.

If you would like a cut-out for measuring silicone wristband sizes on your wrist, print the Reminderband sizing page.

We offer four main wrist band styles: Engraved (Debossed), Printed, Luxe, and Embossed. Engraved wrist bands feature lettering that is engraved into the band surface. We also offer Colorfill wrist bands that have silicone injected into the engraved message for contrast. Printed wrist bands have flat, silk-screen printed lettering. The Luxe wrist band is a two-layer band that is engraved through to reveal the underlayer color for your message. Embossed wrist bands have raised silicone lettering. Please visit our specifications page for more information.

Yes! You can choose graphics from our free art library or upload custom artwork to our wristband creator, or Band Builder, for an additional fee. Uploaded art must be single-color, and works best if it is simple in design, with no fine lines or tiny letters.

Yes, but only if your band style has no minimum quantity required. Select the ‘Add Item’ button on step 3 of the customizer to add additional sizes or colors of your wristband design.

While we generally warranty our bands for up to 30 days, they will last well beyond that. Our Luxe and Printed bands will show gradual wear with time, depending on environmental conditions. Custom wrist bands with colorfill have a much longer-lasting imprint.

Some of our rubber wristbands, such as the Colorfill style, have no minimum order quantity. Others may have a required minimum order quantity as indicated by icons on our home page.

Up to 30 characters including spaces and punctuation are allowed per line. Pricing includes side 1, but you can add customization to side 2 (the opposing outer surface) for an additional cost. We don’t offer a “full wrap” or engrave on the inside of the custom wrist band.

Once your order has begun production it cannot be changed or canceled. If you've made an error on your custom wristbands or need to make a change, please contact us immediately to see what the best recourse is.

The rendered image in our wristband creator and emailed confirmation is not an exact representation of the final product. The actual size of the font and art may vary, as well as the exact color shade of the wristband.

Yes! Just contact us with the type of wrist band and color you’re interested in, and we will try to find a similar wristband we can send you. Please note that we do charge a $5 fee to cover shipping.

Reminderband® silicone wristbands are made of 100% latex-free, hypoallergenic silicone. For more detailed information visit our wristband specifications page.

Yes, we offer custom pantone wristband colors, but please note there is a minimum order of 200 pieces for each size and color. Please call 1-800-922-5401 or contact us with additional questions.

If you create a login account you can use the “Reorder” button in your order history. If you checked out as a guest, email us or call in with your previous order number and we can assist you with a reorder. Please note that there may be slight variations in font size and wrist band color due to changes in production processes.

While we do not offer donations, our discounts are provided in the form of significant price breaks at certain quantities, resulting in reduced cost per wrist band. We may also offer limited seasonal coupons or promo codes.

Customers with orders shipping outside of the United States are responsible for payment of all taxes, duties, and customs fees.

Silicone wristbands have colors with meaning for tons of causes, diseases, events, and more. Learn about the most common uses with our guide on wristband color meanings.

Girl with Laptop

Did someone say easiest online band builder?

Girl with Laptop

We've spent an incredible amount of time crafting and constantly perfecting our online tool that we think you'll actually enjoy. Try it today and see for yourself how unique and easy it really is.

The top 4 reasons our customers choose Reminderband:

Wristbands are perfect for just about any event or cause, as well as the more personal things, like medical alert or remembrance and support for loved ones. That's why we don't require a minimum order for most of our wrist bands and keychains. Whether you need one wristband or thousands, we're ready to help.

  • 1

    The world's most trusted in custom silicone wristbands.

    Most Trusted

    Reminderband is the original custom silicone wristband company. We've been personalizing quality wristbands for just about any occasion since 2004. It's long been our priority to deliver the best wristbands on the planet without cutting corners where it really counts. Whether you need a personal reminder or memorial wristband, or you're sharing a message with the world, our mission is to help you make your idea a reality.

  • 2

    Nobody offers faster delivery service than reminderband.

    Fast Shipping

    Some vendors offer 24-hour wristbands and take 48 hours to do it. We can make your wristbands today and have them delivered tomorrow with our next-day service.

  • 3

    Nobody has higher quality for the price.

    Highest Quality

    Many of our customers order wristbands for promotion or to use as a memento. They expect top quality that looks and feels classy. We understand that, so we don't cut corners. Our personalized rubber wristbands are the highest quality you'll find on the market. Our wristbands feel like rubber bracelets and are sometimes confused with plastic bracelets, but are really 100% silicone wristbands. They're also hypoallergenic and latex-free.

  • 4

    Nobody offers better customer service in the industry.

    Best Customer Service

    It's official. People love our customer service almost as much as they love our wristbands. If you need help, we won't just point you in the right direction, we'll walk you there. Our wristband specialists are enthusiastic about helping you get your custom wristbands just right. We boast a talented team of reps who are ready to help with questions or to design a wristband just for you. Call 1-800-922-5401 and talk with a live rep in as few as 20 seconds.

customized wristbands online

Most online wristband companies offer a thin, flimsy product that is more likely to snap in half.

Our wristbands can be worn for years, and are made to a high standard with more thickness, premium material, and deep engraving. We back our wristbands with a quality guarantee to ensure you are thrilled with your order.