Wristband Color Meanings

Learn the meanings behind each wristband color for every month

Since the Livestrong bracelet craze of 2004, Reminderband was hot on the heels of that trend with custom wristbands in each and every color. With so many causes and colors being represented by awareness colors, people started using Reminderband to personalize bracelets with meaning. Since that time, we've been able to create bracelet colors for each of the awareness colors.

Because of the popularity of awareness bracelets, we also started producing silicone awareness ribbons. With so many events and causes happening, awareness bracelets with meaning are still popular.

One of the most common questions about this is "what do wristband colors mean?"

Check out our handy wristband color meaning guide below for all the info you need on awareness color meanings for bracelets.


Aside from being used as cancer awareness wristbands, silicone bracelets (often referred to as rubber bracelets) are worn every day. If you're unfamiliar with all of the bracelet color meanings, you can learn about some of the most popular uses, here.

You can also come up with some ideas of your own to make unique-looking rubber bracelets that represent something important.

Bracelet Colors And Their Meanings





  • Breast Cancer
  • Women's Health
  • Women's rights
  • Cleft palate
  • Girl gender reveal
  • Female empowerment



  • Skin Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • RIP
  • Memorial
  • Anti-terror
  • Remembrance











More Awareness Color Meanings

With so many awareness color meanings and causes used with silicone wristbands, people have also found creative ways to represent causes with colored wristbands, typically using specific colors for cancer wristbands, and bracelet colors for each month. Take a look at some more color meanings behind silicone wristbands below:

Lime green

  • Lymph node cancer
  • Global warming


Lavender (smoked orchid)

Light Blue


  • Arthritis
  • Child abuse prevention
  • Colon/Colorectal cancer awareness



  • Gay pride
  • LGBTQ equality


  • Childhood cancer
  • COPD
  • Neuroblastoma

Red White and Blue

  • Patriotism
  • Supporting military
  • Freedom



  • Cervical cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Food allergies
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Uterine cancer


  • Bone cancer
  • Peace
  • Lung disease
  • Prevention of violence against women


  • Suicide prevention

Along with these commonly used wristband colors for cancer awareness, and other causes, others have used multicolored wristbands to represent a cause. Teal and purple wristbands with a semicolon have become quite popular in an effort to share awareness about suicide prevention.

Custom Silicone Wristbands In Every Color

So many causes are close to home for people. Whether it's using black wristbands for memorial and remembrance, breast cancer bracelets, or just about any custom awareness wristband, it's easier than ever to order custom silicone wristbands.

If you need wristbands for events, colored wristbands for awareness, or bracelets for fundraisers, there are tons of great options to get creative. With our online band builder, personalized rubber bracelets can be engraved and shipped faster than anywhere else.

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Reminderband offers an easy way to find out which meaning is represented in each month.

Here are top awareness month meanings:

Awareness Months Graphic.jpg

Wristband Colors for Every Month

As wristband color meanings have become more common over the years, certain colors for various causes, events, awareness, and movements have come to represent each month. Knowing each of the meanings behind every wristband color has allowed non-profit organizations to do things like raise awareness for various types of cancers as well as civil movements.

Many schools also find a lot of success with things like red wristbands for anti-drug awareness, and blue bracelets for anti-bullying.

One of the most common uses for custom wristbands with meaning is fundraising with religious wristbands, school wristbands, and for organizations.

Personalized silicone bracelets are also perfect for wholesale wristbands if you're a reseller and for branding a business with a specific wristband color.

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We offer plenty of ideas for using personalized silicone bracelets and you can create your favorite custom wristband right on Reminderband!

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Common Questions And Answers About Wristband Color Meanings

These are some of the most commonly-asked questions and answers about bracelets with meaning:

What does a black wristband mean?

A black wristband is worn mostly for memorial bracelets and remembrance wristbands.

If combined with other colors, it can be used to support various groups working for social equality as well as representing anti-terror.

Red bracelet meaning?

A red bracelet is usually meant to show anti-drug awareness. It is also the color for representing AIDS and heart disease.

What do the heart colors mean?

Adding hearts to silicone wristbands is very popular for memorial wristbands, friendship bracelets, and supporting a loved one fighting cancer or another disease.

On a classic silicone wristband, the heart is engraved into whichever color the wristband is, but it can be filled with a different color for contrast.

What does a purple bracelet mean?

A purple bracelet represents Lupus, pancreatic cancer, and is also the most associated color for Alzheimer's disease.

What does an orange wristband mean?

Orange bracelets represent leukemia, kidney cancer, autoinflammatory awareness, and multiple sclerosis.

It is also used for self-harm awareness.

What is the meaning of teal wristbands?

Teal bracelets represent cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer.

Teal wristbands can also signify food allergies and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Teal combined with purple is also very commonly used for suicide awareness wristbands.

What are all the different awareness meanings?

Check out our guide above for some of the most common colors for awareness meanings.

With Reminderband, you can easily make your own custom awareness bracelets.

What are the colors for cancer?

Most cancer types have a specific color to represent them. Check out our guide for each color of cancer bracelets.

What are the suicide awareness colors?

Suicide awareness is usually represented by teal and purple, or aqua/turquoise and purple.

Often, it is seen with a semicolon to signify suicide awareness and suicide prevention. Suicide awareness wristbands are commonly used to help educate and prevent suicides among individuals around the world.

What are awareness bracelets?

Usually seen as silicone or rubber wristbands with a message, awareness bracelets are worn with specific colors and phrases to further causes and educate about health, movements, and events.

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