Memorial Bracelets

Honor and commemorate the life of a loved one with memorial bracelets. Perfect for vigils, funerals, or just a daily reminder of someone no longer with you. Our high-quality silicone memorial wristbands are durable, beautiful, and custom-made for you and your loved ones. Our silicone wrist bands are made from 100% silicone and will last for years. As always, colors, font, size, and imprint can all be personalized to best fit your memorial band. If you’d prefer a memorial, but don’t want to wear one on your wrist, our keychain wristbands are a nice alternative. Looking to create a memorial band for someone who served in the military? Head over to our Military Ideas page for more information.

Memorial wristbands and keychains are a small, inexpensive way for family and friends to honor those who have passed away. You may choose your loved one's favorite color and/or phrase to create a band that honors him or her in a unique way. Or choose artwork that represents his or her hobbies, interests and passions. Simple. Timely. Heartfelt.

You can also use wristbands to raise money for funeral and medical expenses the family will face. It allows others the chance to offer financial support as well as moral support by wearing the band.

Memorial Bracelets

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  • Example of memorial bracelets
  • Gone but Not Forgotten Bracelet
  • Memorial Bracelet
  • In Memory Bracelet
Examples to Remember Your Loved Ones
  • A "R.I.P". bracelet with "Rest in peace" on the other half is a classy way of honoring a family member or friend who has passed.
  • Engraving a loved one’s name or "Gone but not forgotten" with a date range on the other half can also prove to be a lovely memorial bracelet to be worn in remembrance of those passed on.