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Awareness Bracelets

Our customizable awareness wristbands are an excellent way to spread the word about a cause, issue, or just about anything else. Use our builder to create a custom design to raise awareness for whatever you need, and include some high-quality artwork to add that special effect.

Suicide Prevention Bracelet

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  • Drug Free Bracelet
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet
  • Stop Bullying Bracelet
  • Heart Bracelet

Cancer Awareness

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? We offer a wide variety of cancer awareness wristbands and colors representing each type of cancer. Great for showing support, raising awareness, or fundraising. Head over to our cancer bracelets page for more details.

Suicide Awareness

Our suicide prevention bracelets have been effective for many people around the world to bring about more education and awareness in helping those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and may be at risk. Personalize it to what fits you best, with a choice of font and phrase, featuring the universally recognized teal and purple combination.

Red Ribbon Week

Do you have an upcoming red ribbon week event at your school, or just want to spread drug-free awareness in your community? We have lots of great options for drug prevention and awareness with our wristbands and keychains. These make great swag and freebies for promoting your program.

Anti Bullying

Bullying is still very much a problem in our schools. Help further the anti-bullying effort with some striking "stop bullying" bracelets, or a similar phrase that helps to minimize bullying. These have proven to be very effective when given out at schools and rallies.

Eating Disorder

Our purple and smoked orchid bands, especially, are recognized as the eating disorder awareness color and can be well-represented on our wristbands and ribbons. Bring the spotlight to eating disorder awareness and what we can do to work against it and help those who are struggling by spreading your words and cause through wristbands.