Available Awareness Wristbands

Reminderband specializes in creating custom silicone bracelets to help you commemorate an event or publicize a cause that matters to you. Just design your awareness merchandise, place your order, and pass out the finished product to anyone you want - attendees, participants, employees, students, or sponsors.

Awareness Bracelets for Any Occassion

You might spend months planning a big event. It could be a 10K race to raise funds for charity, an antibullying campaign to encourage respect at a middle school, or an art festival to showcase the work of local craftspeople.

Whatever the event, you want it to be more than a one-time experience. You want people to think about the reason for the event far into the future. That's where Reminderbands come in.

Awareness bracelets make it easy to remember an important goal or purpose. Many people wear them for days or weeks at a time without ever removing them, and each time they look at their arm, they spend a few moments thinking about whatever the bracelet represents. They can support your cause every day without much effort. The bracelet may even become a conversation starter to help them tell others about your cause.

Choose Reminderband Awareness Merchandise

Reminderband makes the customization process simple. Using our Design Now tool, you can play around and create an awareness bracelet that perfectly suits your event. Choose from the following options:

  • One-color or two-color bands
  • 30 color choices, including glow in the dark
  • One or two lines of text
  • 23 possible fonts
  • Icons, logos, or other artwork printed on the band
  • 3 sizes

You even get to see a visual mock-up of your awareness bracelet as you design!

Reminderband has been in business since 2004, and customers return to us because of our quality products, our quick delivery, and our outstanding customer service. Place your order for awareness wristbands today. 

Suicide Prevention Bracelet

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet
  • Stop Bullying Bracelet
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Cancer Awareness

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? We offer a variety of breast cancer bracelets, cancer awareness wristbands, and band colors representing each type of cancer. These are great for showing support, raising awareness, or fundraising. Head over to our cancer bracelets page for more details.

Suicide Awareness

Our suicide prevention bracelets are effective in bringing about education and awareness in helping those who struggle with suicidal thoughts and who may be at risk. Featuring the universally recognized purple and teal (or aqua/turqoise) color combination, our suicide awareness wristbands can be personalized with your choice of font and phrase, as well as an optional artwork or ink fill.

Red Ribbon Week

Do you have an upcoming red ribbon week event at your school, or just want to spread drug-free awareness in your community? We have lots of great options for drug prevention and awareness with our wristbands and key chains. These make great swag and freebies for promoting your program.

Anti Bullying

Bullying is still very much a problem in our schools. Help further the anti-bullying effort with some striking "stop bullying" bracelets, or a similar phrase that helps to stop bullying. These have proven very effective when given out at schools and rallies.

Eating Disorder

Purple and smoked orchid bands are recognized as the eating disorder awareness color. Spotlight eating disorder awareness and help those who are struggling with it by spreading your cause through wristbands or colored ribbons.