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Custom Keychains, Pins, and Dog Tags

Reminderband keychains and pins meet the highest quality and are offered with many personalization options for fonts and colors.

  • Medical Alert Necklace

    Medical Alert Necklace

    Silicone Medical Alert Necklace with 24" Chain and embossed caduceus.



    Our most popular custom wristband. No minimum quantity! Buy debossed, embossed, or printed.

  • OVAL


    A personalized rubber wristband with an oval area for your custom message.

  • Custom Silicone Dog Tag Necklace

    Custom Silicone Dog Tag Necklace

    Dog Tag with 24" Chain

  • Medical Alert Keychain

    Medical Alert Keychain

    Silicone Medical Alert Dog Tag Keychain with 4" Chain and embossed caduceus.



    A Reminderband Original wristband with a rectangle shape area for your message.

  • Band Keychain

    Band Keychain

    Custom silicone band keychain. Over 40 great colors!

  • Ribbon Keychain

    Ribbon Keychain

    A silicone awareness ribbon keychain with a custom message.

  • Ribbon Pin

    Ribbon Pin

    A custom silicone awareness pin available in a variety of colors.

  • Custom Silicone Dog Tag Keychain

    Custom Silicone Dog Tag Keychain

    Dog Tag with 4" chain.

  • THIN


    A 1/4" sporty customizable rubber wristband. Choose from dozens of colors.



    A debossed wristband with two silicone bands fused together into pure style.