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Hidden cost for receiving my product, reminderband bot frequent interruptions, only 50 characters for feedback and it sends it automatically once you reach the limit. What a terrible design.

Cyrus B - NH, US

Easy except for search the artwork. would have liked to search for "apple" and "bite"

Gini C - MN, US

Very pleased customer. My items were received just as pictured and were able of the best quality. Therefore I’ve decided to order more. Thank you!

Anna P - IL, US

Simple to see the sample and order!

Amy S - MO, US

The preview of all your great options was wonderful! Thanks for such a great experience.

Howard J - UT, US

Easy, helpful website! Amazing product! I will be ordering from them again. If you need wristbands for any occasion THIS is the place!

Tammy S - WA, US

I had a terrible time trying to order an item in two different sizes, plus I wanted "handpressed silicone lettering" and couldn't figure out how to get it !

Linda Van S - IA, US

The experience has been easy and always satisfying.

Je’Nay T - FL, US

Loved the way you could see what the wristband was going to look like.

Sheila M - IN, US

Delivery options are kind of annoying

Faika F

Thank you. I love the colors and being a diabetic, it's nice to have some colorful bands.

Tina G - IL, US

Easy to use and affordable at any quantity

Kimberly W - TX, US

I ordered 50 and u did a great job . needed to order 10 more . i lost my 23 year old son june 30 2018 due to a motorcycle accident

Jennifer C - NY, US

My usual place for custom bracelets is no longer in business (coolmedid). A quick google search brought me here. These bands are much more customizable. We'll see how long they last (The coolmedid ones lasted 10 years being worn 24/7). Edit: It may have only been a couple of weeks since we received our bands, but so far they seem to be standing up to 24/7 wear very well. I'm impressed

Gretchen C - TX, United States

Was quick and easy placing my order. There's so much to offer, I love this site. Will spread the word

Michelle H - MI, US

Love the idea of wearing what's important to you around your wrist.

Patricia A - TX, US

Amazing results and no price is ever high enough to help save a loved one. Thank you!

Tamara M - NY, US

All, I am asking for a HUGE FAVOR.. I have been told by the recipient of this order that she is undergoing CHEMO and hasn't been given very positive news.. Is it all possible to get the bracelets out ASAP?? This isn't my first order with you all.. I am actually asking for a FAVOR..

Lisa M - TX, US

Frustrating not to be able to chat with someone online or on the phone while placing my order.

Alease K - VA, US

Kept having to re-enter the information over and over because it would not stal in my shopping cart

Penny G - WI, US