Best Ideas For Silicone Wristbands [The COMPLETE Guide]


Silicone wristbands are extremely versatile—they work for every occasion due to their custom nature.

Having complete control over the design of your bracelet really allows you to get creative and make something you'll love!

The only issue? All of the customization options can be overwhelming and leave you wondering where exactly you should begin.

We see hundreds of creative bracelet designs each and every day. Of course, there are some especially popular bracelet types or phrases that stand out from the crowd.

From single wristbands to bulk orders, here are some of the best ideas and most popular uses for custom bracelets!

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Event Wristbands

One of the most popular uses for custom silicone wristbands is event wristbands. You can customize a bracelet design to fit your event—whether you're creating party favor bracelets, wristbands for a charity race, or anything in between! We offer smaller quantity options (multiple styles have no minimum order) or bulk bracelets. No matter what event you're shopping for, we've got you covered!

Wedding Favor Wristbands


Custom wedding wristbands make great wedding favors and mementos for guests. Help keep your bridal party together and celebrate your special day in style with a custom band made just for you.

Simply add your favorite phrase, your wedding hashtag, or your wedding date and names. You can even add clipart from our art library for free!

Popular Wedding Wristband Phrases:

  • #Jen&MikeGetHitched
  • The Johnsons 9/18/21
  • Wedding venue coordinates
  • Always & Forever!
  • Mr. & Mrs.

Color-Coded Event Wristbands

Color-coded silicone wristbands are a big hit with parties and events!

Bands can be used to distinguish guests from staff members, to separate smaller groups at an event, or as social distancing or vaccination indicators.

These color-coded event wristbands in the red, yellow, and green color combination have been a common choice for events in 2020 and 2021.

By creating a color-coded system for the event, guests can feel more comfortable and easily find other people in the same color group as them.

We offer both blank and personalized rubber wristband options!

If red, green, and yellow aren't your style, we have multiple color options to choose from. Add your event hashtag, slogan, or personal message to create a fun keepsake for guests to take home!

Party Favor Wristbands


Custom bracelets are a great addition to any party or celebration!

Create personalized bracelets to celebrate a birthday, honor your new high school or college graduate, or as a fun bridal or baby shower party favor.

Silicone wristband party favors are great for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Showers & Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Family Reunions, & more!

Camp Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are great for youth camps, class or family reunions, or other group events and activities.

Add the theme of the camp, the date, group name, and any other info to make fun custom camp wristbands that kids will be excited to wear.

If you have a family reunion coming up, consider making custom wristbands instead of t-shirts for a new twist on an old classic.

Create unity among your group with custom silicone wristbands, perfect for any youth camp, church camp, reunion, or other group activity.

School Dance Wristbands


School dances are one of the most anticipated school events. Students look forward to dancing the night away and having a great time!

Silicone wristbands are a great alternative to school dance tickets. Customize bands to fit your dance theme that your students will love to wear.

Personalized bands make great mementos for students to remember their favorite school memories.

Customize bracelets for:

  • Wearable dance entrance tickets
  • School dance souvenirs
  • Prom/Homecoming royalty bracelets

Special Event Wristbands

If you're holding a special event, customize some wristbands to hand out that will help spread your message!

Silicone bracelets can take your pep rally, assembly, or convention to the next level.

One popular use for bracelets during election years is voter wristbands. Inspired by Michelle Obama's VOTE necklace, this design has made its way through the jewelry industry.

Whatever your message may be, you can easily share it with the world in our eye-catching silicone bands. We believe that everyone's message matters, so design something that will help you express yours!


Awareness Bracelets

Often referred to as awareness bracelets, custom silicone wristbands are an easy way to share your message. Create a band that will help educate others on issues you're passionate about or a bracelet that will show support to loved ones during a difficult time.

Check out our awareness months graphic for various awareness causes and the month that each cause is focused on.

Cancer Awareness Bracelets


One of the most popular types of awareness bracelets is cancer awareness bracelets. Show your support or raise funds for loved ones battling cancer with custom cancer wristbands.

We offer multiple wristband colors to represent different cancer types. Check out our wristband color meanings page or our cancer awareness color graphic for more information.

If you're looking to order breast cancer bracelets (or any other type of awareness bracelet), check out our breast cancer bracelet ideas page for the most popular uses!

Popular phrases for cancer wristbands:

  • #JennyStrong
  • No One Fights Alone
  • Cancer Warrior

Autism Bracelets

Customized autism wristbands are another popular type of awareness bracelet. Wear your wristband to show support for loved ones with autism or to build autism awareness and acceptance.

Silicone wristbands are often personalized for autistic kids to wear to indicate if they're nonverbal, provide emergency contact information, and their full name.

Popular autism wristband phrases:

  • Autism Awareness
  • Different Not Less
  • Normal is a Dryer Setting

Support Wristbands


Custom wristbands are a great item to show support for your favorite causes. Build awareness, educate, & share your message on a personalized silicone bracelet.

Design military support bracelets to support loved ones currently serving or veterans.

Wear the name of your favorite cause or organization to spread the word and share the causes you're passionate about.

Popular support wristband types:

  • military support bracelets
  • cause & nonprofit support bracelets
  • fundraiser wristbands

Wristbands for Causes & Movements

Silicone wristbands are a great way to promote your cause or movement. Add a slogan, hashtag, or another phrase to easily spread the word about your cause. Add a pop of color to your school club, fundraiser, or rally with custom silicone bracelets.

Trending causes, events, & political phrases are often engraved on rubber wristbands. If there's a movement you're a part of, proudly share your cause by wearing a custom message on your wrist.

Check out some causes we love for a few ideas!

Fundraiser Wristbands

Custom wristbands are a great addition to any fundraiser! Add the cause or person's name you're raising funds for and a slogan on the back. We even offer free clipart!

If you're hosting a fundraising event like a race or fun run, these event bands can help identify and unite participants in the same cause.

Silicone bracelets are an affordable fundraiser item while still being effective. You can easily sell each bracelet for $5 to raise money for your cause with a great profit margin.


Business Promotion & Marketing


Custom silicone bands are a great item to help promote and market your business. Small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations can all benefit from custom silicone bracelets that will help build your brand.

Wristbands are a low-cost promotional swag item that will provide high reach and engagement with your brand. Increase your brand awareness and brand loyalty as well as word-of-mouth recommendations with branded silicone wristbands or wholesale wristbands.

Easily promote your business with custom wristbands. If you're looking to increase brand recognition at your next event, try creating custom bracelets to hand out as swag.

You can even add your logo to your silicone wristbands as custom art (additional fees apply). Keep in mind that simple logos work best, and we can only engrave single-color logos. Feel free to call us if you have any questions while designing custom bands for your business!

Memorial Bracelets

Custom memorial bracelets are another popular use for silicone wristbands. Create a tribute bracelet to keep your loved ones' memory with you or hand out to family members as funeral favors or mementos.

Not sure what to add to your personalized bracelets? Check out our guide for what do you put on a memorial bracelet. Create an extra special remembrance bracelet, we even have custom art options available for an additional fee so you could add a signature or phrase in your loved ones' handwriting.

Popular memorial bracelet phrases:

  • Rest In Peace
  • Always in our hearts
  • Forever Loved
  • Their name, birthdate, and date of passing


Looking for a unique and creative gift idea? Custom silicone wristbands will fit the bill without straining your wallet.

Customize a one-of-a-kind bracelet that your gift recipient will love. Add a favorite quote, motivational phrase, or inside joke for a gift that's sure to bring a smile to their face. Even the hardest people to shop for will appreciate the thought and effort put into your customized gift!

Head over to our silicone wristband gift guide post for a few more ideas!

Holiday Gifts


Our holiday gift guide is a great place to start if you're shopping for holiday gifts for friends and family. Custom bracelets make great stocking stuffers, Easter basket gifts, mother's day gifts, father's day gifts, or even a little something to gift yourself.

Create a themed bracelet with your friend's or loved one's favorite things. Are they into video games? Design a video-game-inspired bracelet that they'll love to wear.

Custom bracelet gift ideas:

  • Quote bracelets (inside jokes, favorite quotes, etc.)
  • Motivational phrase wristbands
  • Positive affirmation phrases

Couples Bracelets

Custom couples bracelets are another popular gift idea. Whether you're customizing a band for a valentine's day gift, anniversary gift, or a "just because I love you" item, personalized gifts are a great way to show you care!

Every couple is different, so create a special custom bracelet set that represents the two of you and your relationship. Reference a favorite memory, lyrics from your song, or a loving phrase you both use.

Popular couples bracelet phrases:

  • I'll Love You Always
  • Initials and dates (A+M 8/21/20)
  • Coordinate Bracelets

Coordinate Bracelets


Your favorite vacation spot. The city where you grew up. Where you met your significant other.

Our most cherished memories are tied to specific locations.

The coordinates of the locations that are most near and dear to your heart make a great addition to a custom bracelet.

Design a coordinate bracelet for yourself or to give as a gift that is both thoughtful and meaningful.

Coordinate bracelets are also a popular option for couples bracelets or anniversary gifts! You can add the coordinates on the front and a personal message on the back to make your wristband even more unique and special.

Choose from our available styles and layouts to make the perfect memento.

Party Favors

Kids and adults alike both love party favors and custom wristbands are a great addition to any party or gift bag!

Create customized kids wristbands to help celebrate the birthday boy or birthday girl's special day! You could also add blank bands as a non-candy treat to a prize bin or pinata.

Select matching clipart with a favorite phrase for a unique party handout. We have a free clipart library with plenty of themed clipart to make a band that fits your party theme!


Medical Alert Bracelets

Silicone medical alert bracelets are ultra-comfortable for all-day wear and more affordable than metal medical bracelets. Keep the safety of yourself and your loved ones top-of-mind with emergency contact information that will be there when it's needed most.

Medical ID Wristbands


If you or a loved one have a medical condition, engrave the condition and treatment info onto a wristband to ensure you'll receive the proper care in an emergency situation.

Medical ID bracelets are especially helpful for kids to make sure their teachers and other faculty members know what to do should a medical emergency arise.

Silicone medical alert bands are also a great option for adults, particularly the elderly.

If you or your loved one are ever in an accident and fall unconscious, you can rest assured knowing that the people or medical personnel around you will know how to best address the issue and take great care of you.

Allergy Bracelets

Another common use for medical ID wristbands is as an allergy alert bracelet.

Food allergies, medication allergies, latex allergies, environment allergies (like pollen or insects), or any other type of allergy can be added to your customized allergy band.

If you're not sure what to engrave on your medical ID, or what bracelet styles are most often used for medical alert products, check out our medical ID bracelet guide.


Vaccination Bracelets


Custom vaccination bracelets are another popular choice for medical alert bracelet phrases. We've seen various 'Covid-19 Vaccinated' wristbands or immune-system compromised identification bracelets.

We've also seen bands identifying that the wearer is not immunized against coronavirus. Either way, this information makes it easy for healthcare workers to quickly identify your current vaccination status and how that will affect the treatment you're given.

If you're running a vaccination clinic or work at a doctor's office, it may be a good idea to order vaccination wristbands in bulk to hand out as people receive their immunizations.

ICE Wristbands (In Case of Emergency)

ICE Wristbands, or in-case-of-emergency bracelets, are great for all ages. For younger kids who don't know their emergency contact info, a wristband can provide peace of mind for parents or other caregivers.

For adults who are often alone, an emergency contact wristband will make it easy to identify you as well as contact your loved ones if anything happens while you're out and about.

We have free clipart options available to make your medical band as informative as possible. Choose a medical alert symbol like the star of life or caduceus, or even a phone icon before listing your emergency contact.


Travel Bracelets


If you spend a lot of time traveling, emergency contact bracelets are a great addition to your travel bag essentials.

Whether you travel alone or with others, you can feel a bit calmer knowing the right people will be notified during an emergency.

If you travel with young kids, you can customize an ICE wristband for each of them. If one of them gets separated from you, they'll have your phone number on their wrist so it'll be easier for someone to contact you and help fix the situation.

Religious Wristbands

Religious or faith-based wristbands are another popular choice for custom silicone wristbands. They have multiple uses, so we've listed out a few of the top ways to use religious wristbands to make it easy!

Personal Reminders

Scripture wristbands or religious phrases make great personal reminders for daily wear.

Our WWJD wristband, or 'What Would Jesus Do?', is one of the most popular religious wristband phrases.

Choose a favorite phrase for your wristband that will help you stay motivated to keep moving forward and becoming the best version of yourself with God's help.




Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself or for a religious friend or family member, a faith wristband is a great choice!

Custom religious wristbands can help provide the inspiration and strength that you need to get through your hardest days.

Order silicone bracelets to give out as birthday gifts to your church class, friends, or neighbors.

Read more about our top 5 uses for faith-based wristbands.

Popular religious wristbands:

  • WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)
  • Scripture verse bracelets
  • Inspirational quote bands

Fashion & Statement Bracelets

Name & Initial Bracelets

The "What Would ______ Do" acronym wristband has been popular for years, and its demand is still growing!

While this trend started in the religious bracelets category with the ever-so-popular WWJD bracelet (What Would Jesus Do), we've seen more and more customers ordering bands with their own initials and meaning.

One of the most frequently ordered acronyms is "WWMD". Whether the 'M' represents 'Mom', 'Meredith', or some other name, each acronym has its own meaning.

Give meaning to your wristband, and add a source of inspiration to your day, by adding the first initial of your favorite role model.


The possibilities are endless with custom bracelets. Stick around to see more trends and exciting ways to share your message.

Whether your message is intended for the world, a friend, or just yourself, wear it proudly!

Click here to design your own custom bracelet. Try one of these ideas, or let your imagination run wild and create something completely different!



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