What Are Baller Bands?


A baller is someone who’s got “game”, on or off the court. “Baller bands” began production by Nike after the Livestrong craze hit. The original versions featured the Nike logo, phrases such as “Just Do It”, and big names such as LeBron James or Michael Jordan.

Nike’s baller bands are no longer in production. You can bid for limited edition baller bands on sites such as eBay, or if you’re looking to create your own team wristbands or fitness motivation, try our sports wristbands or other custom silicone wristbands.


What Are Baller Bands Used For?

Baller bands are usually worn by basketball players for team identification or fashion. Oftentimes, silicone baller bands are worn by NBA players to make a statement or share a powerful message.

Baller bands are worn by players of many sports, however, not just basketball.

Other common ways baller bands are used include:

How Can I Get Sports Wristbands For My Team?

Getting silicone wristbands for your team is fast and easy. Simply design a custom wristband in your team colors and choose a message. With numerous styles of custom wristbands to choose from, you'll be able to do your team justice with a huge array of wristband colors, fonts, and clipart to select for your design.

You can even upload your own logo for full effect.

Baller bands aren't just great for players to wear. They can be just the thing for fans and crowds.

Create your own custom baller bands on Reminderband and use them as fundraiser bracelets, school spirit wristbands, or swag for your coaches to wear and give away.

What Are The Best Ideas For Rubber Sports Bracelets?

Decking out your team with custom wristbands is a fun way to increase team spirit for any sport. This is a great option for school wristbands, community sports, and local events, church and youth groups, or any group that needs some colorful apparel.

Whether you're making custom rubber sports bracelets to resell, or to use as promoting a team or sporting event, there are myriad ideas and possibilities for what you can do with these flashy silicone wristbands.

Have the star player, or players on your team wear a colorful wristband with a catchy phrase or motto, and start a new trend at your school or athletics department.

Need to raise funds for your basketball team? Don't forget that custom silicone bands work great for sports team fundraisers.

You can get more inspiration by reading more in our post about the best ideas for silicone wristbands, or check out our other ideas on sports wristbands and custom fundraising bracelets and design yours today!

Why Do NBA Players Wear Rubber Wristbands?

It has become popular for basketball players to wear rubber wristbands on the court and outside of games. The reasons for wearing rubber wristbands in the NBA are varied. Some basketball players wear wristbands with their team branding, number, or slogan.

Others wear silicone wristbands as a way to motivate themselves and inspire personal growth or discipline. Rubber wristbands for motivation are one of the most common uses, as they allow for players to have some mental reinforcement with a motto or words of affirmation reminding them to push themselves to do better.

Some basketball players also wear memorial wristbands in honor of a family member or friend, or a mentor who is close to them.

Kobe Bryant's passing also ushered in a popular movement with fans wearing "Black Mamba" wristbands all around the world in honor of his contribution to professional basketball. These rubber wristbands were also worn by other players who knew and respected Kobe in the NBA.

For fans who have great respect for a player, these silicone wristbands can be a powerful source of inspiration and a loving memento.

Where Can I Get Custom Baller Bands?

If you're looking to customize your own baller bands, or silicone wristbands, Reminderband offers tons of great options for making your very own baller bands. The silicone wristbands can be designed online, and even allow for uploading your own team logo along with a message to fit your preference. You can design your own rubber bracelet online anytime. Need ideas? Check out our guide on the best wristband ideas for more inspiration.



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