The Most Popular Ideas For Breast Cancer Bracelets


In the U.S., it’s estimated that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during her life.1 While a cancer diagnosis will turn anyone’s world upside down, our customers have found a few uses for custom breast cancer bracelets to make this life-changing event a bit easier to digest.

October is breast cancer awareness month, so it’s the perfect time to build awareness on this important cause.

Providing extra support during a cancer warrior’s battle can make all the difference, so read on for the best ways to use custom silicone wristbands to aid in their journey!


Creating custom breast cancer wristbands can help unite friends and family together as they look for ways to provide support to their newly diagnosed loved one.

As Kathleen found, a simple wearable reminder can help you keep loved ones in your heart, mind, and prayers when they’re struggling.

Providing additional support to a cancer warrior’s circle can help strengthen them throughout the difficult times ahead.

Add a personalized hashtag to your customizable bracelets to show your support or a comforting phrase to help build a mantra of strength and courage.

Many customers choose a hashtag with their last name in it for their breast cancer bracelets, such as #SmithStrong. These custom rubber bracelets are often given to the group of individuals supporting the patient’s journey.

All the color choices and design options may seem overwhelming at first, so check out our wristband color meanings page for a few ideas to help you get started.

We have multiple bracelet colors perfect for any cause or awareness month, not just breast cancer!

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pink and White Wristband

Some examples of common phrases used on breast cancer bracelets for support include: #TeamMadison, #KellyStrong, Cancer Sucks, No One Fights Alone, or phrases such as Sarah’s Warriors.

These messages are often accompanied by awareness ribbons, heart clipart, or other graphics from our free art library.


It’s no secret that medical expenses rack up quickly, especially with something aggressive like breast cancer that requires multiple treatments and doctor visits.

Joseph, along with many other customers, has found that designing and selling breast cancer awareness bracelets is a great way to build awareness for breast cancer while simultaneously raising funds.

Whether the fundraising bracelet proceeds are designated to help pay for medical bills, support families and individuals in need, or fund additional education and research, custom bracelets are a great choice for a fundraiser due to their affordability and versatility.


If you’re looking for the perfect fundraising item, many fundraisers have found success using customized bracelets.

We often hear about events such as races that are held to raise money as well as smaller-scale fundraisers that primarily sell the wristbands.

No matter what method you try, it’s easy to create a breast cancer bracelet for the event.

Common phrases to include on fundraising wristbands for breast cancer awareness are:

  • Find a Cure
  • #IRunForSydney (add your event hashtag or name to your event wristbands)
  • Messaging indicating what the funds are being raised for (research, support, etc.).
  • Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Motivation & Inspiration

It’s extremely easy to lose hope when life throws a curveball like breast cancer at you. As Cas and her family found, custom cancer bracelets can help provide another source of inspiration and give you hope for the future as you look to your ‘circle of strength’.


Everyone has favorite words and quotes that inspire and motivate them when they’re feeling down.

Find out the favorite inspirational messages of your loved one and have them engraved on a set of custom made bracelets to show them that no matter what, they are not alone in the fight.

Common phrases to include on inspirational breast cancer bracelets include:

  • Hope
  • Favorite scripture verses (or other religious bracelet designs)
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Personal messages from loved ones.

Education & Organizational Support

Businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations often create custom breast cancer bracelets in the fall for educational events to build awareness.

How far the cancerous cells have spread at the time of diagnosis is critical, so providing a reminder of how important it is to follow recommended safety precautions and check for abnormalities could be life-changing.

This is just one reason why custom breast cancer awareness bracelets are a great addition to an educational event, class, or assembly.


Supporting your work family during difficult stages of each member’s life is part of what makes your work family a family. Gustavo’s company ordered breast cancer bracelets to do just that, support a coworker in her time of need.


Common phrases to include:

  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Supportive phrases
  • Personalized hashtags like #KendraStrong

Medical IDs

Whether your loved one is newly diagnosed, receiving regular treatments, or is now cancer-free, having a comfortable medical ID is crucial to ensure proper treatment is received during emergencies.

Judy ordered an eye-catching medical wristband for her mom so she could have peace of mind that medical professionals would know her mother’s pre-existing medical conditions in an emergency situation.


Common info to include on a medical ID bracelet:

  • Information about past surgeries
  • Stage of cancer
  • Treatments or medications currently being taken
  • Underlying medical conditions that would affect the treatment given.

Gifts & Survivor Bands

Another fan-favorite use for our silicone bracelets is breast cancer gifts for women, typically in the form of gifts for survivors, or remembrance bands.

Edith and her sisters wear their wristbands as a tribute to the fight they won and the blessings they’ve received in that victory.

We offer multiple styles to choose from when designing your custom bracelet or remembrance gift, including our pink awareness ribbon keychain.

You can choose from multiple fonts and clipart options for your custom message to create a personal gift or survivor memento.


Leigh created her custom breast cancer bracelets to show thanks for the support she received during her battle.

She loved being able to hand out the wristbands as tokens of her appreciation to her support system for being with her through the thick and the thin of her cancer journey.

Some of our customers’ favorite phrases to engrave on their silicone wristbands or survivor bracelets include:

  • Cancer Warrior
  • I Beat Cancer
  • Cancer Free
  • Survivor hashtags such as #JennyBeatsCancer

Memorial Bracelets

If you have lost a loved one to breast cancer, you can create custom bracelets to hand out as memorial favors to help others remember their life and wear as a keepsake.

Celebrate the strength they showed and the battle that was valiantly fought to the very end.

Alan created a memorial bracelet for that very reason, to remember his best friend and what she means to him.

The loss of a loved one is irreplaceable. Creating something special to remember them by is one way to help in the grieving process.

Wear your memorial bracelet with pride as you remember the amazing person symbolized in it.

A few common phrases to engrave on cancer memorial bracelets include:

  • Never Forgotten
  • Forever Loved
  • #ValiantlyFought
  • Brave
  • Other personal hashtags and phrases.

Breast Cancer Bracelets with a Message…

With 1 in 8 women (and 1 in 1000 men) being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime, it’s important to find ways to make the situation a bit easier on patients and their families.

Custom breast cancer bracelets can be created and used in multiple ways, including support, fundraising, and motivation, to name a few.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly customer support team so we can help you create customized bracelets that you’ll love!



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