Classic Embossed Wristbands

NOTE: If you choose to have the surface of the embossed band colored, it will fade over time.
since 2004
Customized in the USA
100% Silicone
Latex Free
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Raised Silicone Lettering

The embossed, extruded look really sets your message apart. We create a special mold for every embossed job so the results are extremely sharp and professional. The letters are part of the band and will not fall off. However, if you choose to color the letters, the coloring will gradually fade over time.

100%Pure Silicone

We use 100% silicone to ensure you get the strongest bands ever..

Sample Bands

Classic Embossed Pink Wristband Classic Embossed Black Wristband Classic Embossed  Royal Blue Wristband Black Embossed Wristband with Color Green Embossed Wristband With Text Color Pink Embossed Wristband With Text Color

Biggest advantages of embossing:

  • The look. Since the lettering is raised, the phrase jumps out at you.
  • The feel. We dare you to just look and not touch the raised letters.

Biggest disadvantages:

  • The text color will fade over time (if you choose color).
  • There is a 50-band minimum.
  • We add two additional days to production.

It's the Little Things

When you receive your Reminderbands, we want to make sure you do a happy dance. We individually wrap or package your order together in a clean, efficiently packaged plastic bag. We can also get fancy with an option to individually wrap each band.

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