We have three main categories of products including: Silicone Bracelets, Tyvek Wristbands, and Keychains, Pins, and Dog Tags.

Our silicone wristbands are made from high-quality 100% silicone. We use thick silicone so that the wristbands don't break.

We have several sizes to choose from so that they fit right whether you are a small toddler or a large adult.

We have an idea gallery where we showcase different categories such as Religious, Military, School, and more to help give you silicone bracelet ideas. We offer many types of silicone wristbands including Tire bands, Golf silicon bands, Camo bracelets, Rainbow colored bracelets, Striped wristbands, Classic silicone wristbands, Puzzle Autism wristbands, Thin, Dual Layer, Marquee Rectangle, and Marquee Oval, Phat, Heart, Plain, Marbleized, and Custom Color bracelets. The Marquee wrist bands are particularly popular for medical alert wristbands since they allow for multiple lines of text. Marbleized are cool because you can mix your school colors into a nice swirl. The Striped Wristband has been particularly popular with the Thin Blue Line movement.

Our tyvek wristbands have been popular because we provide near full-bleed of anything you want to print on the Tyvek bracelet. Most other companies give you stock colors to choose from and a few locations on the bracelet where you can put your logo and black text. Reminderband allows any color, placement of logo or art in any location, and more. We have a large library of backgrounds and fonts and art to help you design your event wristband. Or you can upload your own design in HD and print in amazing quality. Even small detailed images and text show great on our high-quality Tyvek wristbands. Our Tyvek bracelets are waterproof and will not smear. You can print a barcode or sequential number for added security and control. One amazing wristbands feature we offer is the ability to order as few as ten wristbands, which is helpful if you have a small birthday party or event that requires few wristbands. The Tyvek is authentic DuPont Tyvek providing the best security and comfort and durability.

Our keychains, pins, and dog tags are new additions to our website. We offer customization for each of these items as well. They are durable and beautiful and functional. Mix up your event this year by giving out a new unique item that attendees will love and keep. The ribbon pin can be worn on your lapel and is perfect for a breast cancer awareness event. The ribbon keychain can be carried conveniently in your pocket and serve as a reminder every time you reach for it. The dog tags give many options and allow for as many as 8 lines of text--plenty of room to record allergies, conditions, name, address, and more.

Overwhelmed or not sure what to choose? Contact our friendly team of band specialists for any questions at all! We are happy to assist.