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Girl wearing a silicone bracelet
Girl wearing a silicone bracelet

Design your favorite custom wristband.

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From local businesses to high-growth companies, non-profits, sports teams, and everybody in between trust and keep using Reminderband wristbands again and again.

Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
Reminderband Customers
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Get inspired by hundreds of pre-made wristband designs that are easy to customize and ready to order at your fingertips.

customize your wristband

The top 4 reasons our customers choose wristbands from Reminderband:

Wristbands are perfect for just about any event or cause, as well as the more personal things, like medical alert or remembrance and support for loved ones. That's why we don't require a minimum order for most of our wrist bands and keychains. Whether you need one wristband or thousands of wristbands, we're ready to help.

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Most online wristband companies offer a thin, flimsy product that is more likely to snap in half.

Our wristbands can be worn for years, and are made to a high standard with more thickness, premium material, and deep engraving. We back our wristbands with a quality guarantee to ensure you are thrilled with your order.

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Years of Wristband Experience... and More

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Outside of being the first to offer custom silicone bracelets with no minimum, we've continued that tradition with many of our other products, and have pioneered many new wristbands and custom products, since. Our team has personally designed countless wristbands over the years, and we continue to come up with new ideas and custom products. Check out our Medical Alert Bracelets and Dog Tags for a fresh alternative to overpriced metal id bracelets. Or if you're looking for Tyvek Wristbands or Event Wristbands you've also come to the right place.

Our wristband customers actually love us

because we take care of them, they take care of us and keep coming back.

We were customers from 2017 and could not find our order information to re-order. After speaking with an agent, we finally got everything straighted out. Shawn Lawlor has been so great and made sure we got our same product as 2017. Thanks!

Ordering process is very simple. I love how there is a display of your design before you order!

I called and spoke with Shawn and he was so helpful. Thanks again Shawn!!!

It's official. People love our customer service almost as much as they love our wristbands. If you need help, we won't just point you in the right direction, we'll walk you there. Our wristband specialists are enthusiastic about helping you get your custom bracelets just right. We boast a talented team of reps who are ready to help with questions or to design a wristband just for you. Call 1-800-922-5401 and talk with a live rep in as few as 20 seconds.

The Top 4 Reasons to Love Silicone Wristbands


We want your wristbands to stand out. Or if you want a subtle custom bracelet, we've got that covered too. We can make silicone bands in any color--we'll even match a custom Pantone.


Wristbands with a message. Engrave customizable bracelets with any phrase and select a font of your choice. Add some extra "pop" with a color-fill and some artwork from our library. Or upload your own.


Share your message with the world. Whether it's to support, educate, or promote, your wristbands are a personalized message to you and others.


If you're looking to raise money, Reminderband's low-cost wristband options are perfect. We make it affordable to buy just one band, and we discount your per-band price at bulk quantities so you can break records without breaking the bank.

Customize Your Wristband

For many, wearing a wristband is a fashion statement. For others, it’s a way to express who they are on a different level. There are many common reasons people make customized wristbands or customized bracelets. If you need any wristband ideas, browse our options for wristband inspiration.

To Prepare for a Medical Emergency

During an emergency, it’s important for first responders to know about each person’s medical needs. If you have a customized wristband detailing your medical needs or allergies, first responders can take proper care of you.

To Promote a Cause

When something as significant as a cancer-related death or a suicide happens, it hits people hard — especially the family and friends who were closest to the individual. In such cases, people can wear custom wristbands to show their support for the family and the cause.

By wearing custom wristbands and generating awareness, people can start conversations and inspire others to act. People make donations, better research is done, and more love and care is given to those in need.

To Express a Belief

Many people are eager to express their faith. For some, it goes beyond their regular worshipping routines. For example, many Christians wear a WWJD (“What Would Jesus Do?”) bracelet. By wearing bracelets embedded with certain phrases, those who hold to a belief system — whether religious or spiritual — can have a constant reminder with them of particular facets of their beliefs.

If you would like to customize your wristband, check out our builder or contact us at 1-800-922-5401 for more information.

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Ten Popular Uses for Silicone Bracelets:

  1. Cancer bracelets to promote awareness/Cancer support
  2. Fundraiser bracelets
  3. Suicide awareness wristbands and prevention
  4. WWJD bracelets/Christian bracelets
  5. Memorial and remembrance wristbands for a hero or loved one
  6. POW/KIA wristbands
  7. Sports team wristbands for unity and apparel
  8. Promoting school spirit/Promoting a business
  9. Autism Awareness Wristbands
  10. ICE and Medical Alert Bracelets
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