Quality & Service Working Together

If you are looking for great quality wristbands, look no further. Reminderband works directly with its own production team to better control and guarantee the quality of our wristbands. Many wristband companies simply contract with independent Chinese factories to make their bands, often working with multiple factories so quality varies from order to order. Plus, to ensure that we are producing the highest quality silicone bracelets on the market, the Reminderband team conducts ongoing production tests and research.

Your Outstanding Support Team

Shawn - Customer Service Supervisor

Shawn has been with Reminderband® since 2005. He works with all aspects of our Customer Service Department, including sales, order processing, art, and logistical flow. Shawn has worked in several customer service-related industries, from hospitality/restaurant management to call centers. Shawn brings several years of customer care and expertise to Reminderband®, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Shawn loves cooking and video gaming in his spare time. He and his wife DeLaine are deeply patriotic and love spending time with their two daughters and twelve grand children in the beautiful country of Northern Utah.

Christian - Customer Service Specialist

Christian has been with Reminderband® since 2010. He works with customer service and sales and order processing. Christian specializes in processing orders for the art department, as well as some of the key account management. Christian is a film enthusiast/snob and loves Americana, people-watching, and the USA. He is more than willing to assist you with any questions and to offer his expertise!

Stephanie - Customer Service Specialist

Stephanie is a 2nd year employee at Reminderband® and she loves it! Some of her responsibilities include accounting & office management. She also assists our customer service department by taking customer phone calls, processing purchase orders, and placing customer orders. She enjoys camping in Yosemite National Park with her family and she loves candy!

Didgette - Customer Service Specialist

Didgette is the newest member of the Reminderband® team. She has eight years of customer service experience and two years expertise working in high volume call centers. She brings years of experience to Reminderband from the different customer service jobs she has worked. Didgette loves animals, camping, and the outdoors. She enjoys interior decorating and crafts. She loves listening to many different styles of music and just hanging out with family and friends. Didgette grew up on a farm in Idaho, but has lived in Utah for many years. She loves Cache Valley!

Bailey - Customer Service Specialist

Bailee has been with Reminderband for two years. She specializes in general customer service inquiries and office assistance. She takes care of many of our customer service emails, and special customer orders. She's currently attending Utah State University. Bailee enjoys watching movies and going dancing with her friends.

Production Quality Control and Wristband Quality

Before the orders ship, our wristbands pass through a double-check quality control process. We are so sure of the quality of our product that we guarantee the quality of our silicone wristbands. Our bands are made of 100% silicone with the strongest design and thickness around. Don’t be fooled by other companies whose wristbands are thinner and inferior in quality.
Customized heart and tire wristbands

Reminderband Customization Features

All other customization options we offer are of the same superior quality as our standard wristband. During our color-fill process, we deboss the phrase into the band, then fill in the debossing with silicone of another color. This silicone fill bonds permanently to the silicone band, so it will not chip, crack, fade, or peel like painted bands offered by other companies. To make your phrase stand out even more, color-fill is a great addition to your bands.

Strongest Wristbands, Thickest Silicone, Deepest Debossing

We challenge you to find a company that utilizes the same high grade of silicone, with the same thickness, the deep debossing, and the tensile strength that Reminderband wristbands offer. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.