Silicone Wristband Pricing

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reminderband pricing
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Debossed Wristbands
* Quantity Price Per Band
10000 +
$ 0.19 each
5000 - 9999
$ 0.20 each
3000 - 4999
$ 0.21 each
2000 - 2999
$ 0.22 each
1000 - 1999
$ 0.25 each
500 - 999
$ 0.34 each
300 - 499
$ 0.39 each
200 - 299
$ 0.49 each
100 - 199
$ 0.62 each
50 - 99
$ 0.99 each
20 - 49
$ 1.59 each
10 - 19
$ 1.95 each
5 - 9
$ 2.65 each
1 - 4
$ 3.75 each
Orders over 10000 wristbands contact us for a quote.

At Reminderband we pride ourselves on the ability to supply both the little guy and the corporate giant. We can customize your order of silicone wristbands to as few as 1 Reminderband or thousands if you need. The best part about ordering with Reminderband is that you can mix and match colors and sizes. You don't pay extra to order 5 of one size and color and then 15 of another color and size. We can meet your needs at low quantities unlike anybody else!


  • See the pricing table and quick quote for the price per wristband
  • Debossing is included in the price of the wristband
  • Two phrases (except debossed bands) and unlimited characters are included in the price of the wristband
  • Pricing per wristband includes setup and molds

Extra Options

There are many ways to customize your bands to suit your exact needs. You can add custom artwork to your bands.

Extra Option Description Qty Under 995 Qty 1,000+
Color-filled wristbands Filling your debossed phrase with another color of silicone Add 25¢ per band Add 25¢ per band
Art work Add your own logo or use a custom font Add 15¢ per band Add 15¢ per band
More than 25 characters We will do a limited number of characters per side. First side is included in the cost of the band. Second side is $0.10 extra. Call customer service for details (800) 922-5401.


Minimum order quantity is 1 wristband. Mix and Match quantities and sizes with no extra charge - order 5 large red, 5 medium royal blue, 5 small green with your phrase for nothing extra. Nobody else in the industry gives you that much flexibility with low minimums at the price we offer!

Purchase Orders

In addition to credit card and PayPal®, we only accept official United States school purchase orders. We don't start producing your order until you place the order online and have received a copy of your purchase order. Please fax your purchase order to (435) 753-2558 after you’ve placed your order online. Once we receive your fax, we can start on the production of the bands. If you have any further questions, please call us at (800) 922-5401.

Shipping & Handling Prices

The majority of our orders are shipped via Fed Ex. The minimum price for shipping and handling is $6.42. This price will vary depending on the weight and quantity of silicone bracelets that you order. The best way to determine shipping is to get an online quote for an order of Reminderbands wristbands. The cost of shipping will be included in your quote.


* This is an estimate but should be pretty close. Price may vary depending on the size of the band and other factors.

Customized Wristbands

To create a look that supports your cause, you can add color-fill to the text, logos or artwork. Choose your favorite in-stock colors for a marbleized band. For a multi-colored wristband, choose up to seven colors which, divide the band into sections of color. See the custom features page for ideas to help your wristband be unique to you and your cause.

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