Fundraising Bracelets

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Raise money for your cause with fundraising bracelets. Reminderband high-quality silicone wristbands are durable, beautiful, and custom-made for you and your cause.

Custom Bracelets

Fundraiser Bracelets Work Brilliantly!

Silicone Wristbands are one of the very best ways to raise money for your group or cause you are fighting for. Our wristbands will not only raise money for your specific group but they also provide something that people will wear, thus promoting your company or cause for long after the actual fundraiser lasts. This provides for incoming donations every time a person is asked about what their wristband stands for and why that person is wearing it.

You can design the wrist bands with a logo, phrase, internet address, phone number or any specific need you wish to promote, thus helping your group meet their needs and goals.

Whether you are raising money for your church, sports team, school, business, or cause our wristbands are extremely cost effective as we provide small to large quantities of custom wristbands with price reductions for larger orders.

We also offer the best in quality, with only 100% silicone bracelets which will last much longer than simple rubber wristbands. This will give your company or cause the best return on your investment, as you will have a product that will last, thus continuing to promote your cause, advertise for your company, and help people to remember what goal they are trying to reach.

  • “I have a rare brain disease called moyamoya. As you can imagine no one really knows what it is except for the doctors that deal with my disease. I met a group of people with this disease on a web site and we got together and decided to make a wristband that would help bring about awareness as there is still no cure for our disease. Since I've been giving away these wristbands and wearing one myself I have been asked by so many people what it means and my friends have told everyone they know about it. The wristbands are a way to tell people about what is important to you, a good conversation starter, and a way to get your message out. Thanks to all the people at”

    JeseniaLakeland, FL

  • “My order for my charity fundraising wristbands were delivered quickly and were a great way of raising funds and awareness and were of high quality. I will definitely recommend your company to all groups in our area.”

    FionaMalaga, AL

  • “We ordered cutom colored bands with custom text on both sides for our University Awareness Week event. We love them and sold out of them the first day. We are definitely using you for our next event.”

    JasonMacomb, IL

  • “I ordered custom bracelets from Reminderband for my daughter and I, reminding us of her fight against infantile scoliosis. They do an amazing job, and help us raise awareness. The process was easy, quick, and the product I recieved was just as I'd ordered it. Thank you!”

    AshleyTacoma, WA

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