Reminderband Silicone Wristbands

Make Custom Silicone Wristbands. Easiest builder. High quality. Best value. Overnight service. Call 1-800-922-5401 to order wristbands today.

Reminderband is the industry leader in silicone wristbands. For years, we've offered no minimum on many wristband types. Additionally, we are constantly working on new and exciting types of silicone products as well as enhancing the customer experience via our online wristband builder technology, We've highlighted some of these strengths below:

The best shopping experience you'll find for custom bracelets is here at Reminderband. Our state-of-the-art builder allows you to create your very own wristband from the ground up. We have a robust collection of fonts for any situation, as well as thousands of clip art options. We also have a beautiful selection of band colors and various sizes to fit any wrist. Our builder is quick, easy, and smarter than ever before; with the ability to render your design changes in real-time. Just click on a band type to get started! Most of our band types have no minimum order requirement and can be made to order.

Nobody offers better customer service than our team of specialists, here at Reminderband. We have a team of on-call professionals with years of experience between us to offer assistance with anything from design to support questions. Whether you want to know just how pink our pink bands are, or when your order will arrive, we've got your back. Need after-hours support? Send us an email at and we'll usually reply within twenty-four hours on a business day. Any issues you may have with your order will be resolved in a way that is sure to make everyone happy, with our world-famous customer support.

Nobody offers faster delivery on custom wristbands. Beyond our lightning-fast production and shipping options, we also boast a 24-hour delivery with our Next-Day Program. Personalized wristbands in any color delivered overnight? We can do that.

Nobody has higher quality products, and nobody has a better price for the quality. Since 2004, Reminderband has been offering no minimum order quantity and a level of quality unmatched by anyone in the industry. Most silicone and rubber bracelets are made with a flimsy, rubber band quality. Ours are built to last, with thick, sturdy, 100% silicone that's hypoallergenic and toxin-free. This ensures that your silicone bands and rubber wristbands will not break or tear easily and can be worn for months or years with little to no wear. This is the real deal. You also won't find a better price for the quality anywhere else. We leave cheap wristbands to the competitor. Also, we package each band free of charge. Who else does that?

In short, Reminderband rivals the wrist band industry in quality, speed, custom production, and price. No other silicone bands company offers as many custom bracelets options nor the value of Reminder bands. Our custom silicone wristbands help you create a message that you can share and that will last. Make your unique message count be designing your own wristbands and order online today.

**Please note -- if you are looking for an event wristband, check out our Tyvek Wristbands or Silkscreen options.