Reminderband Silicone Wristbands

  • Classic Wristbands

    A classic silicone wristband with a custom debossed phrase.

  • Thin Wristbands

    A 1/4" thin customizable wristband.

  • Dual Layer Wristbands

    A debossed dual-layer silicone wristband.

  • Marquee Rectangle

    A wristband with a 2" rectangular section for custom text or artwork.

  • Marquee Oval

    Innovative silicone wristband with ability to add curved text on top and bottom and art in the middle as well as the back.

  • Contour Wristbands

    A silicone customizable wristband with a rounded, sculpted outline.

  • Phat Wristbands

    A wristband with a larger debossing area, considerably wider than Classic wristbands.

  • Puzzle Bracelet

    Most often used as an autism bracelet, this wristband sports royal blue, light blue, yellow, and red silicone.

  • Plain Wristbands

    A plain wristband without any phrase or artwork.

  • Heart Wristbands

    A heart-shaped debossed band.

  • Custom Color Wristbands

    A classic silicone wristband in a custom color. Minimum order of 200.

  • Customizable Marbleized Wristband Types

    A silicone wristband with a custom debossed phrase and two or three colors marbleized together.

  • Custom Colored Segmented Wristband Types

    A silicone wristband with a custom debossed phrase and multiple colored sections.

  • Colored Custom Silkscreen Wristband Types

    A silicone wristband showing your silkscreen phrase with two or four colors.

  • Custom Tire Wrist Bands

    A black silicone wristband with a unique "tire" tread texture.

  • Striped Wristbands, Red White and Blue Wristbands

    A silicone wristband with two or three horizontal stripes in a variety of colors.

  • Custom Golf Bracelets & Wristbands by Reminderband

    A white silicone wristband with a unique golf ball like texture.

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