Promote Awareness of Your Cause Using Silicone Bracelets

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Here at Reminderband we know that when you are trying to establish awareness for a cause it is essential to provide a way for people to know and remember what you are fighting for. With our silicone awareness bracelets you can do exactly that by providing a bracelet that people can wear, with a phrase or logo specific to what you are trying to provide awareness about.

Whether raising awareness for a non-profit organization, fighting a disease, or simply trying to help someone reach their dreams, our wrist bands will provide a way for you to promote your cause and share it with others.

We have had the opportunity to help support many great causes using our 100% silicone awareness bracelets. They last almost forever and ensure that people who wear them have an opportunity to spread the word. Our custom ordering process allows for large or small orders designed for your specific need.

Due to our great pricing you'll find that its hard to match the return you'll get from the sale of our bracelets. Many fundraisers sell their bracelets for $3 to $5 each. It can add up really fast and spread the word very quickly.

We look forward to helping you promote your cause.

What Our Customers Are Saying
About Our Awareness Bracelets

"Our bands were PERFECT! Everybody loves them thanks so much! My friend was killed in a shooting and her mom was shot also, we are reselling bands that say in memory of Kirsten and all of the money is going to her mom since she didn't have health insurance. They were exactly how I wanted! Thanks so much. They are a big success!"

"I ordered wristbands from another company to raise awareness for my son's genetic syndrome. I planned to hand them out at a local 5K race for this cause but almost cried when they arrived and I saw what they looked like. The quality was horrible. I should have come to you first. There is NO COMPARISON. We have been wearing ours for weeks now, and they look brand new. I love way they are individually wrapped, and they are LEGIBLE. It is obvious you care about what you do. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks a billion."