Custom Livestrong Wristbands and Bracelets

From the very beginning Reminderband® has been inspired by Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong band. In fact it's one of the reasons that we started making custom wristbands. Inspired by the incredible growth and popularity of the livestrong wristband, Reminderband® started making custom livestrong wristbands for schools and other customers, and it has just kept growing from there.

Official Livestrong bracelets can be purchased online on one of the Lance Armstrong Foundations websites and the Nike wear yellow site.

Beware of Livestong Fakes

You can purchase official Livestrong bands at the sites above as well as some select retailers and rest assured that your money is going to cancer research. However, be aware that Livestrong wristbands purchased at other sites may not be going to The Lance Armstrong foundation. Also keep in mind that official Livestrong bracelets are only yellow, and are never any other color.

If you want an official livestrong wristband then please visit the official sites above. However, if you are looking for a custom silicone wristband that is personalized for you, please look at all of the options that are available to make a wristband that reflects your custom design.

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What customers are saying...

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Gardena, CA posted Aug 30, 2005
"I serve the youth group at my church and we wanted to have silicone bands for the summer retreat. After looking through different silicone band order sites, I decided to choose Reminder Band because it offered reasonable prices and flexible ordering. We ordered 300 bands that said our retreat theme "Holiness" and they all sold out in one day. Unfortunately, we had not expected such a high demand and so some of the kids were unable to buy one for their own. Reminder Band was on time with delivering the package and was honest with the billing. Also, the bands are of high quality - they aren't the cheap immitation bands that are thin and break at the bonding. They have the Livestrong band quality that lasts. I recommend the bands and the service of Reminder Band. :)"

Glide, OR posted Aug 30, 2005
"I just wanted to say how absolutely great the response was to our endeavor which involved your product. We live in the very tight community of Glide, Oregon. It is a wonderful place to raise a family with the majestic North Umpqua River meandering/gliding through it. A local teen was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma last Spring, as a community we immediately responded with "what can WE do to help". The "livestrong" bracelets were so popular, we thought that seemed like an obvious route to take, we would distribut bracelets within the community in support of our friend, Daniel. Daniel is an avid soccer player so we wanted to think of something daughter Amanda came up with "Kick It Daniel". Our first order of 600 bracelets sold out within the first week. We ended up distributing/selling well over 3000 bands. It is very heartwarming to be out and about within the community and seeing these bands donned on small children to the elderly. Our focus was not just to distribute them as a fundraiser, but more of a display of support for Daniel, our cost was $1.50 each and we sold them for $3.00, so we DID end up making some funds for to help with the families traveling expenses they incurred in their travels to Portland. Daniel has had the tumor removed, a knee-replacement surgery and is almost done with his chemo. Thank you reminderband for helping to show unity within our community. Sandy"

Flushing, NY posted Aug 30, 2005
" As a Tae Kwon Do (Martial Arts) Master and a school owner, it was a great marketing tool to use our website on the reminderbands. Children AND adults loved the item and it's relatively cheap so no burden there... Fast shipping and easy online payment. A+ "

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